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Suspension + GVM Upgrades

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 Ironman 4x4 have a range of products to suit your suspension needs.

Covering most popular 4x4 wagons and utes, Ironman 4x4 have a range of suspension kits to cover your essential needs as well as additional components to complement your ride and further enhance your vehicle and driving experience. Explore the below categories to find your suspension fit.

Suspension is not something you often see when you first look at a vehicle. But when you need it suspension is the single most important upgrade you can make to your vehicle.

Original equipment suspension is set up to support your vehicle for on-road conditions with a reasonable amount of weight. When you start to add vehicle accessories, attach a trailer or caravan and increase your load, the way the suspension handles the load changes. Couple that with uneven surfaces and off-road conditions, the OEM suspension can no longer take the additional strain.

To help you choose what's best for you read below:

What's your Load?

When your load changes, so should your springs.

Any heavy accessories or towing load added to your vehicle, changes the handling and overall safety when driving.

The vehicle's springs must be matched to the load for optimum ride height and body control. Ironman 4x4 offer a range of springs to match the additional loads whether they are constant or temporary.

When you start kitting out your vehicle, take into consideration the kerb weight and how much load you are adding, this will change what level of strength you need.

How much load are you carrying?

Ironman 4x4 offer a range of springs matched to cater for every load scenario. To identify your spring type, start by finding your kerb weight and add your load, permanent and temporary.

How much load have you added to your vehicle?

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Choose your Terrain ?

The terrain you travel most, determines what type of shock absorber is right for you! Forces generated by a loaded vehicle in rough terrain versus a lightly loaded vehicle in smooth terrain, differ greatly and can be considerably higher.

Creating safe and appropriate dynamic handling at higher than original weights requires careful consideration.

The range of Ironman 4x4 shock absorbers are designed to cover all terrains and possess the correct amount of damping resistance to provide a safe and comfortable ride.suspension terrain image

What's your Style?

Your preferred ride style is important to know when selecting the level of valving resistance in your shock absorbers.

Ironman 4x4 shock absorbers adapt to the velocity of the compression and rebound stroke which provides the right amount of control to suit your driving style.

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gvm upgrades

Creating safe and appropriate dynamic handling at higher than maximum original weight ratings requires careful consideration.

Forces generated by a heavily loaded vehicle in rough terrain can be considerably higher than those generated during normal driving. The vehicles springs must be matched to the load for optimum ride height and body control.

If the shock absorbers do not possess the correct amount of damping resistance, the vehicle will remain highly susceptible to a rollover accident.

By building high critically damped shock absorbers, we have created the safest and best handling after-market suspension possible at GVM weights and beyond.

Foam Cell Pro Shock Absorbers are perfectly suited to increased load in demanding and hot off-road environments, compared to gas shocks they distribute the oil more evenly around the shock body resulting in more dissipation of heat and long lasting control.

Why a GVM Upgrade?

The usable payload of many 4x4 vehicles today is minimal. By adding basic vehicle accessories or work tools and having two or three adult passengers, your vehicle will be brought close, if not over, its legal maximum weight, also known as the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

Commonly, many 4x4 owners will fit and carry optional accessories like long range fuel tanks, bull bars, winches, side steps, roof racks, recovery gear, a payload of camping equipment or an industrial type custom body. Add these accessories with a tow ball weight from a trailer, camper trailer or caravan and it is almost guaranteed to be over.

With each accessory carried by the vehicle, the responsiveness of the Original Equipment (OE) suspension changes. The OE manufacturer designs their suspension kits for comfort above all else and the addition of load can compromise ongoing performance. This is where Ironman 4x4 suspension and GVM upgrades come in.

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