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Choosing the right Weight Distribution System for you

Determining the right Weight Distribution System is simple with three steps. Use the video, right, or the below steps to find your ideal kit.

Step One:

Determine the ball weight of your caravan. You can do this by placing a Hayman Reese Ball Weight Scale under the coupling of the caravan and unwinding the jockey wheel until all of the weight is placed on the scale. Take note of the measurement and use the ball weight chart to determine the size of kit required.

Step Two:

Locate the position of the coupling on the A-frame of your caravan. This may be positioned at the top, middle or bottom of the A-frame.

Step Three:

Measure your A-frame depth. Is your A-frame depth shallow (4-inch), mid sized (5-inch) or large (6-inch)? If you need is a medium or heavy kit, the coupling position and size of your A-frame will determine whether you require a Classic (more ground clearance) or Standard (more A-frame clearance) Weight Distribution Kit.