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Coldys 4x4 - The Home of 4x4 Equipment & Accessories for Work & Play!
Coldys 4x4 - The Home of 4x4 Equipment & Accessories for Work & Play!

3510kg GVM Upgrade Kit Post-Registration - Permanent Loading with Foam Cell Shock Absorbers to suit Toyota Hilux 2015+

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Why a GVM Upgrade?

Gross Vehicle Mass refers to the maximum legal weight that is permitted for a fully loaded vehicle. Each vehicle’s GVM is specified by the vehicle manufacturer. The usable payload of many 4x4 vehicles today is minimal. By adding basic vehicle accessories or work tools and having two or three adult passengers, your vehicle will be brought close, if not over, its legal maximum weight, also known as the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

With each accessory carried by the vehicle, the responsiveness of the Original Equipment (OE) suspension changes. The OE manufacturer designs their suspension kits for comfort above all else and the addition of load can compromise ongoing performance. This is where Ironman 4x4 suspension and GVM upgrades come in.

Creating safe and appropriate dynamic handling at higher than maximum original weight ratings requires careful consideration.

Forces generated by a heavily loaded vehicle in rough terrain can be considerably higher than those generated during normal driving. The vehicles springs must be matched to the load for optimum ride height and body control.

If the shock absorbers do not possess the correct amount of damping resistance, the vehicle will remain highly susceptible to a rollover accident.

By building high critically damped shock absorbers, we have created the safest and best handling after-market suspension possible at GVM weights and beyond.

GVM Upgrades assist in satisfying insurance and road transport regulation requirements, as Ironman 4×4 has conducted all required testing to ensure complete integration with all safety systems and requirements as well as compliance with federal laws.